Thursday, July 24, 2008



Most of you will have some familiarity of the fable of the "evil eye." According to this ancient pagan belief, you can blame practically any thing negative that happens to you by saying that it was caused by someone giving you "the evil eye." The story accords magic powers to the eye (usually the left eye) of an evil person. In all liklihood, you have seen some one from Greece or Lebanon (occasionally from Romania also) wearing a blue stone, perhaps even one shaped like a blue eye. This stone is supposed to protect you ways that the Cross of Christ cannot. Why is it blue? Because in the Mediterranian area most people have black, hazel or dark brown eyes, so blue eyes are "outsiders." In pre-Christian times, and even after, many ships sailing on the Mediteranian sea had an eye painted or cared on the forecastle or figurehead. This was supposed to drive a way sea monsters or ocean spirits, or even the ghosts of drowned sailors.
In Scripture, looking with an evil eye meant to be to look with envy. Of course, many truly wicked deeds are done from envy, but no one has a magic eye which can cause harm. Wearing the blue stone as something that is more powerful than the Cross of Christ is sign of weak faith or no faith at all.
For some years now, I have refused to give Communion to people who wear the blue stone in place of the Cross. I one has no faith in the Cross of Christ, then one cannot have faith in the fruit of that Tree, Holy Communion.
If you are using the pre-Christian fables about the evil eye, curses and magic, then you are likely using them primarily as a means of not having to accept you own mistake and folly, or the natural events that take place in life. If you pray sincerely to Christ and plan your actions carefully, taking good advice and preparation, then you will find that the things you consider to be curses or attacks with the evil eye no longer occur in your life. Remember that "luck" is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

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