Wednesday, April 16, 2008

About Augustine of Hippo

I have received several questions about the problem of Augustine of Hippo. For a discussion his heretical teachings, I recommend people to our website, However, I want to give an answer in short direct terms:

....Taking Augustine as a Church father distorts one's approach to the actual fathers of the Church. It is clear that those who advocate for Augustine do not read his works through the lens of the actual fathers, but rather read the actual fathers through the lens of Augustine's neo-Platonism and juridcalism. In otherwords, adopting Augustine places upon one the lens Augustinianism and juridical scholasticism, as well as a neo-Platonist grid, and this corrupts their reading of the actual Church fathers, distorting the way they enter into and understand their writings. The dualism of Augustine is bad enough in and of itself, without the rest of his distorted way of viewing the Scripture and the Gospel of Redemption. For a further discussion, see our website, listed above.

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