Friday, April 4, 2008

Who killed whom at the Vale of Terebinth

....I was recently asked to resolve and apparent contradiction in the Books of the Kings, in the Hebrew Bible.
....In the 4th Book of Kings, 21:19 (2Samuel in the sectarian version of the Bible), it is recorded that, at the famous showdown at the Vale of Terebinth, Elhanan killed the Philistine champion Gulatu. But earlier, it was said that it was David who killed a huge warrior here, and the warrior's name of Goliath. I was asked to help resolve this contradiction. By the way, the incident is verified by a surprising "outside" contemporary source (other than Scripture). The incident took place during the reign of Labaya, King of Israel. Hope this information rouses your curiosity and interest.
....I will answer this, and resolve the contradiction, on Wednesday, 9 April. Meanwhile, I am going to make a quiz out of the question. Do any of our readers know the answer? Would any of you like to hazard a guess? Write to me at

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