Wednesday, April 9, 2008


We had promised to resolve the problem about David and Goliath today on our Blog. Let us begin with a confession: practically no one will find any contradiction in the different events mentioned, in the Bible. We had posed this quiz more as a riddle in the hopes that some of you would take the time to read a section of the Scripture that, experience has taught us, is seldom read today.
....There is, however, a contradiction, or rather a series of contradictions, that have been raised by some scholars. To a certain degree, this contradiction has been verified by external evidence contemporary with the stories told in the Bible. "David" is not a birth name, but a throne name. Kind David was born Elhanan of Ephrath (Ephrata), son of Yeshia (Jessie). No king in that era ruled under his birth name, but each had 'Throne name,' often a hypocoristicon. So David and Elhanan are one and the same person. Indeed, Labada took the name Saul when he was anointed and crowned.
....How do we know this? From the same sources which tell us that, contrary to the conclusions of many earlier archaeologists, the stories told in the Hebrew Scripture, in the books of the Kings, and the story of the Exodus are essentially true. It is really because of a faulty chronology that these stories were thought to be fabricated or pure mythology. A reassessment of the Chronology, in the light of records discovered in Egypt and elsewhere, have dramatically changed the whole view of these matters. There is no reason to think that the Israelite records were any less sound that those of other nations of the era. And, indeed, the more accurate chronology seems to verify that. Over the next few entries on our blog, we will demonstrate this. However, we will also continue to answer other questions as well.

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